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Juui Dolittle Episode 5

Tottori’s heart is certainly getting warmer now. This time we get a look at Tottori’s ex-girlfriend? kinda person. I really like how the business side and the life side of the vet is incorporated in a very natural way in this series. And seeing as it’s probably going to be a 10 episode series, we are halfway through already!


I was starting to believe they were running out of human greed and felt that maybe it will be slightly repetitive. I was wrong. The greed in this episode was “fame” which I never thought of. I think it’s going to be taking a very exciting turn, especially next episode.

It’s a pretty nice looking episode. It’s got the relationship of a single family. I haven’t seen anything like this before. It looks really awesome, while I believe Tottori’s heart is getting warmer through each episode.

Looking great! Now we’ve got an upgrade for Ozu’s bike. I was getting disappointed of the lack of development of Double’s bikes (considering the flying vehicles were rarely used) but it seems that this is going to be used regularly. Is it just me or the development of the Candroids are super fast?

Juui Dolittle Episode 3

This episode was once again, very touching. Oguri Shun did a fantastic job trying to play a ruthless vet. I think he deserves a round of applause. It was interesting to see the minister’s friend take the hamster to Tottori, which really shows the limits of Japanese vets (at least in this show).

Was a great episode overall. I loved the way Hina-chan acted, and the flashbacks and everything. We finally get a yellow combo! Looking forward to the next episode.